Where Else Can You Find The College Grad Blog? Check Out These Sites!

This week, author of The College Grad Blog, has been featured on TWO amazing websites: For the first time ever, you can read a guest post by TCGB on JobHero, a smarter and new modern way to job search! And for the third time, TCGB has been featured on Careerealism, a site that offers sound career advice from only the best!

First off, thank you to all my of readers who always take the time to read, share, and leave feedback on my blogs! I would be no where without you guys!!!

Secondly, take a moment to check out these awesome sites. They both have tons to offer and can definitely benefit you in more ways than one.

You can check out my most recent guest posts by clicking the links below:

JobHero – “Beat the Statistics, College Grads”

Careerealism – “5 Reminders For ALL Young Professionals”

Thank you again, and again, and again, readers.

And thank you to Careerealism and JobHero for the wonderful opportunities.

– C

Looking for a blogger to write for your professional development, career advice, young professionals, or job searching site? E-mail me at cswetsky@gmail.com 

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