Syllabus Week: Real World Addition

OK, I lied, fellow readers.

I tricked you with my title.

I know you saw “Syllabus Week” and automatically assumed I would be discussing tequila, partying, and how to hide your hangover the first day of work.

I’m sorry, fellow readers.

I did not intentionally mean to trick you. But, now that you’re here, I suppose we could chat, hm?

My college roommate of three years came up to visit this past week and while we were indulging on pizza, a bottle of wine (or two), and late-night Friends reruns, we somehow found ourselves in a midst of memories and recollection of our college days, which, we had to admit, seem much further in the past than just (almost) one year ago.

We laughed about the good times, reminisced on the classes, and friends, and stories we made up along the way.

And then we stopped as it registered to us that we now both had full time jobs to attend, bills to budget, loans to pay, and lives, careers, and new stories to build.

“Where’s the syllabus week to real life?” she asked.

I wish I had an answer. I wish there was some syllabus to this real world.

Some packet of paper to tell us what we should be doing, and when.

When we should know certain things, and by what date. What we’re expected to know and when the tests will appear.

A description of what’s to come; what to expect.

But, there is no syllabus week to the real world, is there?

I guess not. Because everyone is on their own track. Syllabus weeks are gone and we’re left to navigate on our own.

There is no schedule to follow, no professor telling you when and where and what. No grades, or pop quizzes.

Sure, life has pop quizzes of it’s own. But we’re not really given any direction when we’re handed our diploma and thrown into the fire, um, I mean, real world.

It wouldn’t be fair to give a real world syllabus week, because there is no right or wrong for you right now, at this time in your life.

And that might be the most amazing part; that we’re finally on our own. And though we may not feel ready, or sure, or confident, we get to make our own syllabus.

We get to explore, and evaluate, and play around with what we want to do and who we want to be.

We find who we are, we find our careers, we find our dreams when we’re left to build our own syllabus week. We make our own lives. There’s no one to guide us, and that’s totally OK. Because how would you feel holding hands with a syllabus for the rest of your life? It’d be pretty boring, I suppose.

I’m sorry I tricked you, my loyal readers. I just wanted you to know that there will be no syllabus this year, but that you’ll figure it out anyway.

So here’s to you, recent college grads, and your departure from syllabus week. You’re going to be just fine.

And to all you college students who still get a “Sylly Week” – Cheers. Have a few for the rest of us 🙂

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