College Grads vs. The Drinking Scene

I’ve had two people ask me to write about life after college and how to handle the bar scene, going back to homecomings, and/or appropriateness of what the hell to do for Halloween now that you’re not a college student.

And the truthful answer is, I have no idea.

I will say that because I moved about a half an hour away from my college university, I went back one bored Friday night to see some friends who are still there. And, quite honestly, it just felt weird. I felt out of place, even though no one else might have seen me that way, and while it was still a great time, I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.

But with Homecoming/Alum weekends, “party” holidays, and friends still in school, how can us college grads, jobless or not, find a balance to the drinking scene? What’s appropriate and what just isn’t anymore?

We can’t. There’s no right or wrong answer, at least not one that I have. So, here’s my opinion…

Do what you want. Just be smart about it.

If you want to drink until the sunrises, can afford it, and don’t have any real responsibility the next day, cheers to you! Have a tequila shot (or seven) for me!

If you can’t, that’s okay, too. Especially since I, and just about every other college grad I know, can’t handle a hangover like we used to. You had four years to be irresponsible, and I’m going to guess that you were, as were the rest of us. And well, it was fun.

Is there a point where we grow up? Sure. But, we’re still young. Most of us don’t have families or other pressing matters to consider, so why not go back to school for the occasional weekend night, or just out for drinks.

Go to homecoming and act like you never left – that’s the point. Dress up for Halloween and head to the bar with friends – almost every bar out there has Halloween costume bar-parties, specials, and contests (especially since it’s a Friday this year!!).

You graduated College. You didn’t turn 80.

It’s not wrong. It’s not anything, really. The point is, you’re a big kid now, and you (hopefully) have the ability to make smarter decisions than you used to on those Thirsty Thursdays before you had a big exam Friday morning. But if you work hard, you might as well play hard. The “best four years of our lives” might have come to and end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the fun has, too.

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