The Ultimate College Bucket List: Four Years, Endless Fun

Sure, sure, we go to college to get an education. But there’s no denying that there is endless fun to be had in those four years that fly by all too quickly. The following is (what I think to be) the ultimate college bucket list – some of which I was lucky enough to check off myself, and others I wish I had done!


1. Get a bunch of your friends together, guys and girls, and hit up the nearest strip club. There is nothing more fun than tossing a few back while getting to experience a fun night of throwing dollar bills in the air and laughing about it the next morning! College might be the only time this is acceptable, so go out and do it!

2. Road trip to another school, preferably on one of their biggest well-known party weekends (example: State Patty’s at PSU) or even a trip to Atlantic City/the nearest casinos! It’s fun to let loose with your friends somewhere besides your regular college-town bars and have a weekend away!

3. Run a 5k with your friends. Go online and find a 5K close to your school and sign up! There’s nothing like getting a group together for a fun day, a good workout and a great cause!

4. Hike, explore, or find an out-doorsey adventure. Some of the best days in my college career were the ones where we took a break from day-drinking on a Saturday or Sunday and found a mountain to hike, a lake to swim, or quarry to explore! There are so many neat places, you just have to go and look for them.

5. Attend a sporting event. There’s nothing better than dressing up in your favorite team’s gear and heading to a tailgate and game! Or head out to a minor league game (they’re usually cheaper, anyway!).

6. Host an unforgettable party. Sure, you’ll attend plenty of awesome ‘keggers’ and all-nighters throughout your college career, but everyone needs to hold at least one of their own that people won’t be able to stop talking about the entire next week. Even if it takes you three days to clean and costs you a noise violation from the police, it’s a story you’ll want to tell for years to come. “Remember that time we threw that one party and…”

7. Take at least one spring break trip with all of your friends to somewhere tropical. You’ve put in the work all semester, and the warm weather is finally back. No reason you shouldn’t book yourself a seat on the next plane to somewhere where the drinks come garnished with pineapples. There is a reason college spring breaks are so long!

8. Host a Pinterest party. This one is for the girls. Get a bunch of your girlfriends together, set a date, and host at your place. Tell every house of girls to be in charge for a separate thing (appetizers, dessert, entree, drink, craft, etc.), have them find a recipe/idea on Pinterest, and bring it over that night! Everyone gets to make something new AND try something new! It’s a ton of fun and you can finally put those hours of pinning to good use.

9. Have a slip’n’slide. Who said it was only for little kids? On a warm day, grab a tarp, a hose, some dish soap, and a ton of friends for a day of slippery fun! (Keg not needed, but highly suggested)

10. Stay up one night just to watch the sunrise. Whether it’s after stumbling back from the bar, indulging on pizza and talking until the sun comes up, or just a long night of heart-to-hearts and wine with the girls, you need to have at least one night that turns into mornings with friends who’ve turned into family.

11. Volunteer. There is nothing more gratifying than doing something for someone else with a good group of friends. The parties will always be there, but it’s good to get out there and do something for others every once in a while!

12. Hit up a Chuck’E’Cheese. This sounds ridiculous, but is actually awesome. The best time to go is during or after a stressful finals week. Nothing allows you to feel like a kid as much as a couple of hours playing some arcade games does! (Sidenote: You ARE allowed in a Chuck’E’Cheese without a child – you’re just not allowed in the tubes!)

13. Have a giant sleepover in your living room. Gather up the roommates and lug those mattresses out to your living room! Fill up your wine glasses, make some yummy snacks, and rent at least three Redboxes. These are the nights you’ll remember why you love college!

14. Make “house goals” and try to accomplish them throughout the semester/year! It’s always fun to sit down with the roommates and make a list of silly things you’d love to say you did! To make it even more fun, have each goal worth a certain amount of points. Each roomie can add up their points and designate a prize for the winner!

15. Get into the bar at least once before your 21 (and don’t get caught!). I’ll never forget the first time I was able to sneak into the bar at the age of 19. I thought it was so cool to be able to hang out with my older friends and have drinks handed to me!

16. Have a “bottle night”. Who said these were just for sororities/fraternities? Host (or attend) a party where everyone gets really dressed up and has a date – Each pair brings their own bottle of choice!

17. Host a game night. Break out the monopoly, twister, candy-land, etc. and call all your friends! It’s fun to get together and kick back – you’re in for a good night and a lot of laughs!

18. Go horseback riding. Find a nearby farm/ranch and grab some close friends to embark on something fun and different for the day! There is nothing more relaxing than putting down the cellphones and having a fun time outside with your new animal friends! Some places even offer an outdoor dinner and/or bonfire following your ride – so check out some places near you!

19. Head out to a school sporting event! Unless you come from a school such as Penn State, it’s not always second nature to wake up on a Saturday, put on your school’s colors and grab a seat at the football/baseball/basketball game. But these experiences are fun and they need to be had every once and a while!


How many of these things have you crossed off your college bucket list? Can you think of any others? I’d love to hear – Comment below 🙂


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